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1. Most common bone to fracture in subcutaneous bone.

4. Location of Erb’s point

5. Terminal branch of posterior cord (C5,6,7,8,T1)

8. Can occur with humeral head impression fracture.

9. Triangular Bordering between teres major and triceps (long and lateral).

10. Spheroidal (“ball & socket”) joint.

14. Ventral rami of spinal nerves.

15. Triangular borders of teres muscles (major/minor) and triceps (long head).

17. Radiograph technique to find of ACJ.


2. Origin from T7-T12, iliac crest to humerus (intertubercular groove) with thoracodorsal innervating.

3. Common site of shoulder degenerative joint.

6. Anterior inferior glenoid labrum due to anterior shoulder dislocation.

7. Radiograph technique to find humeral head position.

11. Reduction maneuver for dislocation of glenohumeral joint.

12. Network of nerves formed.

13. Athrophy cause of axillary nerve damage.

16. SITS

18. Origin from scapula to lesser tuberosity

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